Whitaker Park Development Authority (WPDA) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation created to receive land and facility donations from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. WPDA is tasked with facilitating the redevelopment of the donated properties in order to create high value jobs, expand the community tax base and reenergize the Whitaker Park area.

Whitaker Park is a multi-facility industrial complex that was home to RJ Reynold’s major manufacturing plant for years. Reynolds has transitioned its manufacturing to a newer facility in Tobaccoville, NC and is planning to donate a major portion of Whitaker Park to WPDA, Inc. The total gift will consist  of nine (9) buildings of approximately 1.7 million sq/ft of space and close to 125 acres of land.

RJ Reynolds Building Fountain
The mission of the Whitaker Park Development Authority (WPDA) is to facilitate the re-development of the RJR Whitaker Park Manufacturing Complex into a mixed-use business park that wil create high-impact jobs and expand the city and county’s tax base.

A key goal in the redevelopment of Whitaker Park is to creae a community economic development fund that can be used to supplement the ongoing budgets of key economic development organizations such as Winston-Salem Business Inc. and the Winston-Salem Alliance. Another use of the funds could be as a “deal closing fund” to help supplement any local or state incentives that are provided to companies that plan a large investment or will create a large number of new jobs in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.